Connick Windows in Princeton, New Jersey 2011

During 2011, The Connick Foundation will continue to highlight the work of Charles Connick and his co-workers throughout the United States by conducting tours and hosting lectures in places in major locations of the Studio's work. In the past two years we have hosted programs in Ohio, focusing on Kenyon College, and at twelve sites in Chicago and Evanston.

This year the Foundation will be heading to Princeton, New Jersey. Charles Connick designed and made windows between 1913 and 1928 for Princeton University Graduate College, Princeton Chapel, and Trinity Episcopal Church. For all these prestigious commissions, Connick worked closely with Ralph Adams Cram, Princeton University's supervising architect from 1901-29, who also served as renovations architect for Trinity Church. Connick's windows at Princeton are among his most important works. They include the 1919 'Holy Grail' window in the Graduate College, a masterpiece of Arts & Crafts symbolism and workmanship, and the powerful 'Love' and 'Christian Epics' windows (1920s) in the choir of the university Chapel. These are some of the most spectacular examples of early twentieth-century stained glass in the USA, and can be seen alongside other fine windows by Connick's contemporaries, such as Willet, D'Ascenzo and Reynolds, Francis & Rohnstock. With its rich collection of superlative windows, Princeton offers a unique opportunity to explore one of the most dynamic chapters in the modern history of the craft.

The Foundation would be grateful for contributions toward the cost of our Princeton program. Costs include honorarium, travel, accommodation and meals for the notable Connick scholar, Peter Cormack, who will lead the tour and give the lecture; travel, accommodation and meals for James Griebsch, who will videotape the program and lecture; and a dinner and/or luncheon for participants. We estimate that these expenses may reach $3,000 to $5,000. The Foundation is excited about this program and its promise to elevate the knowledge and appreciation of the Connick Studio's outstanding work.

We truly appreciate in advance any assistance you may like to offer in helping us meet these goals.

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