The mission of the Charles J. Connick Stained Glass Foundation, Ltd. is to promote the true understanding of the glorious medium of color and light and to preserve and perpetuate the Connick tradition of stained glass.

News and Events

The CF announces Honorary Director Peter Cormack’s recent, stellar book, Arts & Crafts Stained Glass. Purchase information and a review of Cormack’s book by the Foundation’s new president Albert Tannler may be found here. A review by trustee of the Scottish Stained Glass Trust Dr. Elizabeth Cumming may be found here.

The Charles J Connick Stained Glass Foundation is pleased to announce that at our Annual Meeting, Al Tannler was elected President of the Foundation. A longtime member of the board and ardent supporter of the Foundation, we welcome him into his new role. Mr Tannler takes the reins from Marilyn Justice, who has retired. We cannot thank her enough for her leadership and her tireless devotion to the Foundation and the memory of the studio.

At the 2015 Annual Meeting, it was decided by the board to suspend most of the activities of the Foundation, including tours, lectures and newsletters, in order to devote all possible resources to the publication of a much needed book about Charles J Connick, his studio and his art. We are delighted that our friend, Peter Cormack MBE, FSA, HonFMGP, Vice-President of the British Society of Master Glass-Painters, has agreed to this project. Details and updates will appear here as warranted.

Inquiries regarding the records of the Charles J Connick or Connick Associates Studios should be made directly to the Connick Collection of the Boston Public Library Fine Arts Department or the Connick Collection of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Rotch Library.

The Boston Public Library holds the extensive document and design archives of the Connick Studio, as well as panels, photographs and other studio artifacts. Many Connick designs are available to view online. To examine correspondence, files or other pieces of the collection, please contact the Fine Arts Department 617-859-2275; fineartsref@bpl.org.

The Connick Collection at MIT’s Rotch Library has been digitized and is accessible online. This collection includes job files, which are a good starting point for researching your windows. To view original items, please contact MIT at 617-324-9773 to make an appointment.

The Charles J. Connick Stained Glass Foundation, Ltd.

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